5 ways a locksmith can help you improve your home’s security

handyman repair the door lock in the room

Though they’ll always be there when you’re locked out of your home and in need of an emergency callout, locksmiths serve a whole host of purposes for homeowners.

Indeed, they are skilled professionals and can offer a range of services to improve your home’s security… 

Installing new locks

It’s in the job title – locksmiths are the ones to call when you want to install some new locks in your home, whether that’s because of a new front door or an extension or outhouse.

Working with a professional locksmith means you’ll be able to install some high-end secure locks that give you peace of mind – and ensure your home and your family are protected from burglarers and thieves trying their luck in your neighbourhood. You can never be too careful!

Securing windows

Though doors are one of the biggest vulnerabilities in our home, windows come a close second and often jump to first place depending on your local crime rate and the location of your windows.

If intruders can reach to your windows, then it’s important that you lock them to keep your family safe. After all – the last thing you want is to find a burglar trying to enter your home through a bathroom window in the middle of the night.

A professional locksmith can increase the security of your windows by installing a sophisticated locking system.

Adding more deadbolts

Even if you’ve got the world’s best locks, adding an additional layer of protection is easy with a deadbolt.

They’re often heavier than spring latches and are comprised of steel, bronze or brass, extending deeper into your door frame and offering more security.

You can even have your deadbolts unlock through an automated motor such as with a keyless device if you don’t want to spend half an hour unlocking your front door when you get home from work!

Installing a home security system

Many modern locksmiths have diversified into new home security services such as digital security systems, CCTV, and entry warnings.

If you’re concerned about crime in your area then installing a home security system is a great move – and can actually improve the resale value of your home, too.

Sure, it’s possible to set up your own system using Amazon devices and relying on your home WiFi, but professional installation and configuration cannot be beaten; you cannot afford to make mistakes or your expensive equipment will be redundant.

Adding custom locks

Finally, a quick word on custom locks.

Many homeowners have unusually-sized locking points because their homes are old or were designed with custom doors.

Because of this, relying on a professional is critical when replacing a lock to ensure it fits correctly and serves its purpose – if you try to install or replace a lock on your own, you could damage your door or door frame leaving your home more vulnerable to an attack – and with an unsightly mark!

Locksmiths serve many purposes, and the five we’ve mentioned in today’s article are just the tip of the iceberg.

Rely on your local professional and remember that you get what you pay for – it makes sense to choose a reputable firm than do it on your own to ensure your home is safe and secure.