What to buy new families this Christmas

2021 has been a big year, and if one of your friends or family members has given birth and extended their family, the chances are you’ll want to make their Christmas a little more special. There are so many amazing gifts on the market that it can be hard to know where to start – below, we’ve put together some tips.

A gift voucher

The truth is that buying a gift for a young family can be tough. The chances are that they’ve been given all sorts from friends and family to help care for their baby, and if finances are stretched, receiving the same thing twice could be stressful and make them feel like money has been wasted. By opting for a gift voucher instead, you could give them one less thing to worry about and ensure they get what they want when they want it. Whether it’s to Boots for some essential baby supplies or even a Just Eat voucher to give them a night off cooking, there are lots of options to consider. Put the power back into their hands, okay!


Help the new family find their feet by buying them some alphabet art that they can proudly display in their home. Whether it’s their surname, their baby’s first name, or even their initials, artwork like this is super cute and will no doubt put a big smile on their faces. It allows them to add some personality to their home – ideal if they’re renting, for example – and shows that you really care about them.


The truth is that you can never have too many baby clothes. If you’re obsessed with shopping and want to get something super cute, then head to the mall and look for baby clothes. It’s worth asking the family what size is best, and consider going one size up so that they can grow into it. From jumpers and socks to baby grows and bibs, there are near limitless options when it comes to clothing!

A couple’s night away

Finally, consider giving the parents a couple’s night away. Whether you book them into a hotel over the festive period for a night off from the baby, or you gift them a voucher that they can exchange for a spa experience day, this is a great way to help mum and dad unwind and really switch off from the outside world. Even better if you volunteer to babysit!

Do you have any other ideas? Be sure to let us know!