5 ways to spend more time with your kids

If you’re looking to spend more time with your kids, then fear not. Today, we’ve rounded up five brilliant techniques to get everyone together and spend some quality time as a family…


Organize a meal

If your children have fled the nest or they’re always busy spending time with their friends and partners, consider organizing a family meal where you can get together and catch up on life. It can be tough to really get to know your kids as they grow up – relaxing over delicious food will not only bring you closer together but give you an excuse to catch up on gossip and reconnect with your kids. Cook their favorite foods and desserts or go to a nice restaurant.


Book a holiday

Another way to spend more time with your kids in 2019 and beyond is to book a vacation, where you can get together and really let your hair down. One of the best things about a holiday is that you get to spend some serious quality time with your loved ones – there are no distractions when it comes to working, emails, or school, so everyone can be themselves and relax in a comfortable environment. You don’t have to spend a fortune or travel the world – a weekend by the sea is enough to spend more time with your kids in our fast-paced world.


Play a board game

There are so many board games to consider nowadays and whilst they may not offer the thrills of a game of Call of Duty, they’re a good way to bring the family together. The Meebily Blog has tonnes of tips and advice on how to play board games and word games, including the telephone game, which is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Give it a go and see where you end up – in no time at all, you’ll be the King of board games, and you could even start organizing weekly board game tournaments to ensure quality time with the kids.


Ban technology

This one might make you unpopular, but it’s a good way to get everyone’s attention and force your screen-slave children to spend time away from their smartphones. We’re all so connected to the world right now, that we forget what’s happening at home. Suggest an hour of the day where your kids have to put their phones in a box, so you can find out what went on at school and how they’re feeling. They might be annoyed at first, but if you make it a habit they’ll soon open up and enjoy spending more time with their parents and family.


Take an interest in their hobbies

Finally, consider taking an interest in your children’s hobbies. If they love going to the park and skateboarding, then suggest going with them for moral support. If they’re into crafts, then go to a club together or head to the mall and buy some supplies together. Little things like this show your children that you truly care about them, and make it easier to bond.


There you have it – some of the best ways to spend more time with your kids. Enjoy!