Pregnancy brain is a thing

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or growing an entire human being that’s distracting you. Maybe it’s the hormones driving you crazy or maybe you really are losing your mind. Whatever it is, it’s your first actual taste of what it might be like to be senile.

Pregnancy brain is not a medically proven phenomenon, but anyone who has ever been pregnant or lived with a pregnant woman knows it’s very, very real.

Here are some of my pregnancy brain moments…so far:

1. The time I locked Mikayla and myself out of the house on a cold evening. This was just after I took my pregnancy test, luckily I forgot to lock my car as well so we stayed in there to keep warm until Cole came home! When he arrived he asked me how I managed to do it and I told him I had pregnancy brain… Biggest goofball smile on his face I have ever seen! Cool pregnancy announcement huh?

2. The time I wore two different shoes to my doctor’s appointment…
Getting dressed should be like second nature…right? I mean… it is fairly easy, I pretty much dress other people for a living. I was feeling pretty well rested, I got dressed and off to my gynea appointment I went to check on my 22week baby bump.  We did a scan, had a chat and off I went… As I am standing at the counter to pay for my visit I happen to look down at my feet… and:

3. The time I left my car keys in the ignition, in my unlocked car for a whole day… In South Africa… 
I arrived at work and pulled into the parking lot. Nine hours later I get ready to leave when all of a sudden I notice my car keys are missing. A couple of my colleagues and I searched the office from top to bottom with no luck. I was pretty much in tears and hoping that I wouldn’t have to call my husband to drive 45 minutes in traffic with our toddler in tow, so I retraced my steps instead which leads me right back to my car where I find my keys in the ignition – all the doors unlocked. I can honestly say that it was a first for me.

4. The time I forgot Mikayla in the naughty corner. Mikayla was having one hell of a tantrum over something ridiculous– I can’t even remember what it was about, but she did something naughty and I sent her to the naughty corner in the dining room. I carried on making supper, chatting to hubby and dishing up. In the back of my mind I noticed she was very quiet, but I guess I was preoccupied. I was just about to call her as I was taking our dinner through to the dinner table when she suddenly moved in the corner and pretty much gave me a heart attack! “Mommy can I come out now?” … She stood still in that corner without making a sound for close to an hour. Worst mother ever. I haven’t sent her to the naughty corner since.

5. The time I searched and searched for my phone and was so upset because I NEED my phone (I am addicted). Upset and crying out of frustration, I called my husband to tell him I lost my phone. What do you think I phoned him with? My phone that I had in my hand the whole time? Yeah. I also franticly search around the room for my phone while I am on the phone… this happens more often than I care to admit.

6. Every single day, morning routine – where is my phone, wallet and  keys? Look on the entrance table, look through my bag, find my keys – place them on the table. Look for my wallet, it’s in my handbag. Where is my phone? Look in my bag, look in the bedroom, and look in the bathroom – nowhere to be found. Cole phones it and it rings in my handbag. Take my handbag, leave the house, get to the car – where are my keys? Scratch through the handbag, go back into the house… on the table where I left it. Back to the car, I have my keys and I have my wallet… where is my phone? Scratch through the bag once, nothing… find it the second time, yay me! Every, single morning! P.S… that is why I am always late.

7. The time I used toothpaste as make-up remover – I somehow managed to take a cotton ball, reach for the toothpaste instead of make-up remover, watch myself squirt toothpaste onto said cotton ball and wipe it on my face. Thank goodness I did not start with my eyes….

8. The day I forgot to put panties on Mikayla, this happens to be the same day that she had to have her Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy and wear an open-back gown. Once again… worst mother ever. Luckily Cole rushed home to get her a pair! What would I do without this man…

9. The day I poured orange juice on my cereal instead of milk – it didn’t taste that bad, actually.

10. The time I forgot how to drive home and ended up at my old office instead – I left work early so that I could get home early. Ironic. I could not remember how to get home, took the wrong turn-off and ended up going all the way back into town. By the time I realized what I was doing I was at my old office in Gardens and had to sit in the back end of traffic to get out of town and on my way home. What would have been a 15 minute trip ended up being about 2 hours.

11. The day I forgot to wear a bra to work – do I even need to go into detail on this one?

12. The day  I was stuck at what seemed to be the longest red light of my life, cars behind me started hooting, so naturally I rolled my window down and started screaming how it wasn’t my fault the light wasn’t turning green. It wasn’t until cars began to go around me that I realized I was looking at the wrong set of traffic lights…

13. The day I cried for an hour because my husband asked me what I wanted for supper and I just couldn’t decide. I called my mom and told her he was being mean to me!

Other Pregnancy Brain related things that happen pretty much daily includes:

  • Putting the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge
  • The inability to remember what I was talking about while I’m talking about it.
  • Not knowing why I went from the one room to that room, let alone what I was supposed to do in there.
  • Never knowing what the date is,
  • I can never remember where I put my coffee (decaf of course), it is always ice cold by the time I find it.

What are your pregnancy brain stories??